The London Audio Show

The London Audio Show
Radisson Red Hotel

Saturday 20th April 2024
10:00am – 6:00pm

Sunday 21st April 2024
10:00am – 4:00pm

IsoSlice’s first HiFi show appearance

IsoSlice’s first HiFi show appearance


Isoslice have just launched ’The Block’ which are isolation platforms for speakers and small audio components.

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You can contact Paul at

To Celebrate IsoSlice’s first HiFi show appearance on 20th/21st April 2024 at the Uk Audio Show, we’re offering 20% off our turntable isolation platforms and speaker ‘Blocks’!

IsoSlice turntable platform RRP £350

Special offer price £280!

IsoSlice ‘The Blocks’ (pair) RRP £285

Special offer price £230!

These prices are available in show to take away as well as on the online store for the weekend of 20/21st April 2024 only…don’t miss out! Come and say ‘hello’ at the show…we have a trade stand.

Our prototype turntable will also be on display.

IsoSlice – ‘The Speaker Block’ (patent pending)

After creating the IsoSlice tuntable platfrom……we created ‘The Speaker Block’!

Offers 9 layers of mechanical isolation between your speaker and the surface it is supported by.

Each layer is a different thickness and a different resonant frequency which is damped by acoustic foam.

Made from high quality MDF/poplar plywood/sound absorbing foam Mirror sandwich construction – no screws to transfer vibration.

Offers a very stable platform for your speaker to work from so all of the acoustic energy is focussed out towards the listener.

Can be used to support hifi or studio monitors

Offers more layers of isolation and more stable support than other options on the market 230x180x65 (DxWxH)

Experience greater detail and ‘airier’ high frequencies Mid range that is deeper in sound stage and effortless in presentation

Bass that is tighter and more tuneful RRP £285 (price per pair)

Some background:

I’m sorry to say - these were created by accident! After finishing the turntable platform, I wanted to experiment to find out what sonic benefits (if any) there would be to use the IsoSlice compound under other pieces of electronics and hifi gear as well as to find out how an IsoSlice turntable would sound (very good actually). The trouble was, I had an album to mix and master so my experimentation was put on hold (temporarily). I started the mixing process but I was unhappy with the performance of my studio monitors and felt I could get more out of them. They were placed directly on my studio desk on top of the included rubber isolation mats. I had some offcuts from the very first Isoslice turntable prototypes so I thought ‘I wonder what would happen if’…. Well the difference was marked and I was able to hear deeper into my mixes and make quicker and better decisions with the rather brutal looking Speaker Block Mk1 under each monitor. Of course, another (slightly nicer finished) pair went under the main hifi speakers immediately and the difference was even greater. I felt that the speakers sounded higher, wider and the music had greater detail but it was effortless, musical detail. So, I’m delighted to share the finished “Speaker Block’ with you all! I hope you enjoy them and more importantly, your music with them. Paul.

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