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The Chester Group pledged it would not conflict with other shows by overlapping or choosing conflictive dates.

That remains the case.

It not only divides the industry, but ultimately harms it, to the point that Organisers tend to be seen as takers not givers.

This year we announced a new show in Los Angeles after we were invited` to do so, we were also advised that T.H.E show that had been organised previously in LA was unlikely to take place, was a very small Dealer event, and would instead move to Las Vegas: as confirmed in emails and telephone calls. Some comments we prefer not to print.

That show had used the same Venue as we intended to use.

Given the enthusiasm of our partners in LA, their local knowledge and connections we accepted that information in good faith given we are UK based, as sometimes it can be very hard to be certain if a show will actually take place, but we still chose a date 7 months ahead of theirs.

However, we are now aware that this information was incorrect and overtly combative and T.H.E Show SoCal24 does in fact continue and is planned for June this year.

So difficult as it is we are withdrawing our plans for the Los Angeles Audio Show ’25 at this time, and after having spoken directly with the Organisers of the T.H.E show have pledged to work together in whatever way we can.

As some in the industry will be aware T.H.E show was conceived and organised by Richard Beers, and when he passed away T.H.E show continued to be a reality.

Richard was a personal friend and business colleague to us, and he came to the UK at least once and stayed with our family, as we did with him, so there is an additional reason we would not want to harm that memory as he was also constructive in encouraging us to launch a show in New York.

Due to misinformation we apologise for breaking our code of conduct and our pledge continues; even when other organisers choose to shadow our shows – we simply move to another date if we can, or as in the case of Australia where we once again pioneered a new show for that country we sort an amicable trade off to protect the market.


One of the last messages from Richard:

T’would be exhilarating to share a pint or two with you again.  I trust all is well????

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